Divergent belowground patterns of winter wheat shape rhizosphere microbial communities and nitrogen cycling activities

Courtland Kelly, Michelle Haddix, Pat Byrne, M. Francsca Cotrufo, Meagan Schipanski, Cynthia Kallenbach, Matthew Wallenstein, and Steven J. Fonte

Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Jan 2022

Winter cover crops and no-till promote soil macrofauna communities in irrigated , Mediterranean cropland in California , USA.

Courtland Kelly, Steven J. Fonte, Anil Shrestha, Kent Daane, and Jeffrey P. Mitchell

Applied Soil Ecology

May 2021

Dryland cover crop soil health benefits are maintained with grazing in the U.S. High and Central Plains

Courtland Kelly, Meagan E. Schipanski, Angie Tucker, Wilma Trujillo, Augustine Obour, John D. Holman, S.K. Johnson, Lucas Haag, and Steven J Fonte.

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment


The effect of dryland cropping system intensity on soil function and associated changes in macrofauna communities

Courtland Kelly, Meagan E. Schipanski, Boris Kondratieff, Lucretia Sherrod, Joel Schneekloth, and Steven J. Fonte

Soil Science Society of America Journal

July 2020

Linkages among soil properties and litter quality in agroforestry systems of southeastern Brazil

Priscila Matos, Steven Fonte, Sandra Lima, Courtland Kelly, Júnior Damian, Felipe Brasil, Marcelo Fontes, Guilherme Chaer, Marcos Pereira, Everaldo Zonta


November 2020

Assessing the sensitivity and repeatability of permanganate oxidizable carbon as a soil health metric: An interlab comparison across soils

Wade, Jordon, Gabriel Maltais-LandryCourtland Kelly...Andrew J. Margenot


January 2020

Global distribution of earthworm diversity

Phillips, H. R., Guerra, C. A., Bartz, M. L., Briones, M. J., Brown, G., Crowther, T. W., ...Kelly, C.,… & Orgiazzi, A.


October 2019

Tillage and residue management drive rapid changes in soil macrofauna communities and soil function in a semiarid cropping system of Eastern Colorado.

Melman, D., Kelly, C., Schneekloth, J., Calderon, F., Fonte, S.

Applied Soil Ecology

May 2019

Herbarium records are reliable sources phenological change driven by climate and provide novel insights into species’ phenological cueing mechanisms

Davis, C.C., Willis, C.G., Connolly, B., Kelly, C., Ellison, A.

American Journal of Botany

October 2015